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42 days to stop hair loss


How to Stop Hair Loss in 42 days without chemicals and expenisive Hair Transplants

Learn the secrets for disclosing which pharmaeceutical companies

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FACT#1 The most common cause of hair loss is a lack of knowledge about how to take care of it, so that your hair stays healthy.

FACT#2 Research confirms that people with healthy and lush hair are seen as more attractive, which results in better relationships and greater success with the opposite sex, as well as higher earnings!

FACT#3 People affected by baldness may stop this process and largely recover their hair using certain methods.

how to stop hair loss

 You can greatly improve the health of your hair, in a few months, by following a few simple steps.

  Have You ever felt depressed, embarrassed or little frustrated because of Your hair loss problem?? I can tell You …I had the same…ok now it’s vital that You stick with me for next five minutes, the following presentation will change Your life.

The Following article is not only about regaining full head of hair, it is also about regaining Your confidence that comes from being a complete healthy man or woman.

You’ve arrived at this page because you probably have a problem with hair loss. It is also possible that you feel uncomfortable and less attractive. I remember myself a few years ago when I had this problem. Pharmaceutical companies produce a variety of chemicals which are intended to combat the problem. Probably you could also look at yourself and try different kinds of pharmaceuticals widely advertised, some of them work and some do not. As experts say, the problem for many men is that when they start losing their hair and do not know what to do. Some knowledge is kept secret. Pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know that it is possible to reverse balding by using other methods than they suggest.

The problem of hair loss affects about 80% of men and 30% women..

It is estimated that one in three men between 25 and 40 may experience signs of baldness with varying degrees of severity. It most commonly present in and around the bows or on the top of the head. You are probably familiar with the term ‚hereditary baldness’. This is the type of baldness which reportedly we have in our genes and some suggest that there is no coming back from it. It seems since there are some ways in which this process can be inhibited or even reversed. I have heard many times over that if someone has already encountered it then it cannot be helped, but that’s not true. You need to know that there are methods and natural supplements that neutralize the DHT factor (dihydrotestosterone) which destroys your hair, so that to some extent it is possible to inhibit hair loss and restore the cells, and all of this is beneficial and healthy for your body.

 Ask yourself this question:

Why is it that hair loss does not apply to everyone?!?

Causes of hair loss differ. Often it is the lack of knowledge about how to look after and provide your hair with the ingredients it needs so that it can easily grow. Hair follicles are composed of delicate cells and if you don’t take proper care of that, they will stop producing healthy hair. Today we are surrounded by modified food, and advertisers bombard us with products containing minerals and nutrients. It turns out that this lack of knowledge about what you should provide your body with is largely responsible for the problems in its functioning.

Cosmetic companies are shaking with fear and want to prevent you from knowing about the methods that will restore your hair, because then people will stop buying their ineffective substances.

My personal story When I came across the problem of hair loss, I began to search for information, ask doctors, experts, read books about hair care about Chinese medicine and visit foreign websites. I started looking into getting a hair transplant. As soon as I realized what was actually involved in a hair transplant, however, I became nauseated at the thought of undergoing this surgery. Average hair transplant procedure costs around 10000$. I was really disappointed and what my doctor said absolutely shocked me. I asked what is the cause of hair loss. He answered: Well DHT – dihydrotestosterone gets into Your hair follicles and kills them. It is scientifically proven connection between hair loss and DHT.”
I started to looking for the solution. Now I focused to decrease dht level in my body. I began pouring over literally thousands of scientific studies, articles and researches. There were dozens of studies about DHT and Hair Loss and very few about how to eliminate DHT in the body. Finally after months of reading I found common things. During my research I found that there were dozens of minerals, vegetables, herbs and vitamins that had been shown to naturally decrease DHT level in human body. It made me think that if I were able to find the right combination of anti-DHT diet …then I’D be able to reverse my balding . I began testing different combination of these items and …finaly after 2 months of tests the bald spot on my head did look a little smaller. I tried every new method introduced and today I can say that some of these methods were complete nonsense,

I became upset and irritated with the products on the market that were selling only HOPE

After that I started to have some repeated effects and friends began to suspect me of having had a hair transplant. I explained to them that I used natural methods known for 3,000 years. They could not believe that it gave such effects. I began to be asked about what and how it is applied. After about two months, I began to receive the first calls for a beer as a token of thanks for the advice given. After that success, my friends and I decided that share our knowledge with others and that’s how the e-book entitled „How to Stop Hair Loss and Regain Your Hair” came about . .

You can learn about the ways which will help you to stop hair loss and regain your hair

stop hair loss and regain your hair

All knowledge You need to delete DHT from Your body and regain Your Hair and confidence. I called it compendium because I put there all I have learned about effective methods of stopping hair loss. No bullshit only specific trustworthy information.

Andrew’s opinion – 48 Y.Ohow to stop hair loss opinion
With the knowledge I obtained from your e-book, I could significantly improve the condition of my hair. Initially, there was no effect. However, I steadfastly used the methods proposed in your e-book. First, my wife noticed the difference, then I did. When I look back now I regret that I did not have that complete manual of knowledge earlier, thanks to which I subsequently managed to save my hair. PS. I send you my photo taken by a friend, a photographer, before the treatment that you recommended, and then after about 6 months.


Jack’s Opinion 38 Y.O

stop hair loss effectsWhen I first came across your website, I had a lot of concerns. I did not know whether the method would work for me, and if it was indeed effective. I decided to take the chance… Now I know that it was not a waste of time. I started to have a problem with hair at college, then I noticed the first signs that my hair was thin and obviously weaker. Initially, I was not bothered. However, when it began to fall out and started to wane I felt embarrassed by it. After reading your e-book I immediately applied the appropriate methods. The first results were visible pretty quickly (I noticed that less hair fell out in the shower), and that encouraged me to use it more. The next month, the effect seemed to have stabilized and my hair stopped falling out in such amounts as it had previously, but I had to wait for the so-called baby hairs. It is possible that it was caused by the bad habits which you wrote about. I was able to eliminate them only in 3 months and then I noticed that the hair started to grow back. I have not seen a similar publication before and therefore I recommend it to my friends.
Thank you, Jack


What the book contains:

Ebook include

hair loss remedies Does hair really have to fall out?icon_r1_c3 What kind of alopecia effects you?

icon_r1_c3What is the Real reason for hair falling out.

icon_r1_c3What do you absolutely need to avoid while fighting for your hair.

icon_r1_c3What steps do you need to take initially?

hair loss ebook includeshighly effective remedy is available for free to help you regain your hair.

icon_r1_c3What the most effective methods of preventing sudden hair loss are..

icon_r1_c3What you need to start doing now to regain your hair.

icon_r1_c3Secrets which pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know about.

icon_r1_c3What shampoo should you choose?
icon_r1_c380% of us wash our hair wrongly. Find out how to do it.

icon_r1_c3What pharmaceutical substances and remedies are used in the
fight against hair loss? Pros and Cons – the Facts!

icon_r1_c3What do you do to nourish the roots of your hair??

icon_r1_c3What methods will be available in the future? You can learn about them now.

icon_r1_c3Is a hair transplant really the solution?

How can you effectively disguise hair loss, so that no one stop alopecianotices?


The consultation cost with a dermatologist is about $100. The cost of this ebook is $57 $27  


Ok, but does that help me? Advice in the book has been tested by almost 150 readers. Some have been used for hundreds of years, secretly passed on from father to son.

Does it work at all? Sure, everyone is different and it can work differently for everyone, which is why a number of methods have been described that you need to introduce and choose the most effective for you.

Are these methods going to be effective for women? I know that the problem of hair loss also applies to them. Often this happens after pregnancy or due to other factors. The methods which I describe also have positive effects in women.

What exactly do I get? Immediately after receipt of payment you will receive an email with the e-book link to download. You can apply the knowledge right away.

Who is this book for? Men and Women of all ages who have not come to terms with the loss of hair and want it back.

Who is it not for? For those who believe in some magic pill, and that only because they’ve bought the book, they think they can regain their hair. You need to follow the steps and methods included in the guide to get results!

Imagine the face of your friends and the fearful questions about how you got your hair back.

Why should you obtain the knowledge of the e-book „How to stop hair loss and regain your hair”:

  • I put only specific information and guidance without undue theory in it – so that the knowledge you acquired can immediately be implemented and to see the effects.
  • After reading, you will know what type of baldness applies to you and how you can prevent it.
  • You have a chance to regain attractiveness, success with the opposite sex and have better relationships with others.
  • Methods work regardless of age!!
  • Cost to consult a dermatologist is 100$ per visit. With the e-book, for a fraction of the price, you will obtain knowledge of how to solve the problem of losing your hair.


before after hair loss treatment

Tom’s Opinion 35 Y.O.

Hi Mark,

I must admit that in the beginning when I came to your website, I was concerned. I thought to myself about what is was and did it really work. The satisfaction guarantee persuaded me to order. I thought to myself, „I’ll try to take a chance and pay the 27$ and the effects will be lifelong”. initially, I did not know where to start from with the array of knowledge which I obtained. I tried to follow what was written in the book. I have benefitted a lot from eliminating the harmful factors. I treat other recommendations and supplementation as added value. For now, it’s great.

Regards, Tom


Andrews’s Opinion 42 Y.O.

before after hair loss

Dear Mark,

I have had a problem with hair loss for many years. I have tested a huge number of cosmetics recommended to me by well-known dermatologists. I have never previously come across the knowledge presented in your e-book so I give it top marks. As you requested I attach my pictures. The one in the jacket was taken about 5 months ago and the one in the shirt about a week ago.





After ordering you will get the e-book to your email address you gave in the payment form, so that you can immediately read it and gain knowledge. There is no reason to wait!

Without this knowledge:

Probably hair loss will become more visible, and over subsequent days there will be less and less. Regardless of whether you have already noticed the first signs of hair loss or if you have been facing this problem over a longer period, if you do not apply treatment immediately that will prevent cell destruction of your hair over time you lose … How will you feel then?

​The sooner you act, the more hair you save and, in turn, reverse the process of going bald.




For only 27$.

NO MORE WORRIES ABOUT your hair and feelings of being unattractive It’s the cost of a dinner for two. The effects depend only on you, whether you do it every day.

You pay $27 now. The cost is $27 for the knowledge which is used for the rest of your life (Add to cart) Click here and order the knowledge contained in the e-book now.

It is worth a lot more. The cost of a hair transplant is between 1000$ and 10000$. So calculate how much you can save.

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You can check out if it is really worth, without any financial risks.

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P.S. Remember, there is much more information in the material than is described here. This information is not available in other books. You have 100% guarantee, there is no way that you can waste your money. This knowledge has been successful for hundreds of people. Much of this information has been tested for literally hundreds of years and it is all proven. It is up to you how you use it.